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Giuseppe Patanè is researcher at CNR-IMATI (2006–today) at CNR - Italian National Research Council, IMATI - Institute for Applied Mathematics and Information Technologies, and  member of the Shape Modeling Group. He was a research fellow at CNR-IMATI from 2001 to 2005. He received a Ph.D. in “Mathematics and Applications”, University of Genova (2005) and a Post–Lauream Degree Master in “Applications of Mathematics to Industry” from the “F. Severi National Institute for Advanced Mathematics”, Department of Mathematics and Applications–University of Milan (2000). He received an Advanced Laurea Degree in Mathematics from the University of Genova (1999).

My research interests lie at the intersection of Engineering, for the aspects related to information systems, simulation engineering and modeling, signal processing, man-machine-interfaces, and Computer Science, for the aspects related to Computer Graphics, Computer Vision, and Multimedia. My overall research goal is the definition of a hierarchical paradigm for modeling and analyzing 3D shapes and multi-dimensional data, with applications to computer graphics, computer vision, geographic information systems, medicine, and bio-informatics. From 2001,  my research activities are focused mainly on numerical geometry and signal processing with piecewise linear and meshless approximations and on the geometric/topological analysis of 3D shapes for shape segmentation and semantic annotation.

He has obtained the following national scientific habilitation:

  1. -Full Professor, Section 01/B1 - Computer Science (2018-2024)

  2. -Full Professor, Section 09/H1 - Information Science (2017-2023)

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Via De Marini 6

16149 Genova, Italy

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Phone/Fax: +39-010-6475684/660

research topics

Shape modeling and analysis, geometry processing, computer graphics, numerical analysis.

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