Extraction of the Quad Layout of a Triangle Mesh
Guided by its Curve-Skeleton

Francesco Usai, Marco Livesu, Enrico Puppo, Marco Tarini, Riccardo Scateni

ACM Transactions on Graphics 35(1), 1-13, 2015


Starting from the triangle mesh of a digital shape, that is, mainly an articulated object, we produce a coarse quad layout that can be used in character modeling and animation. Our quad layout follows the intrinsic object struc- ture described by its curve skeleton; it contains few irregular vertices of low degree; it can be immediately refined into a semiregular quad mesh; it provides a structured domain for UV mapping and parametrization. Our method is fast, one-click, and does not require any parameter setting. The user can steer and refine the process through simple interactive tools during the construction of the quad layout.

(*) Here you can find an extension of this algorithm to hexahedral meshing!
(**) Some of the curve-skeletons used for this project were manually edited using this tool


Paper Data
(surface approach)

Data Data
(volumetric extension)


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